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Midas Ma'am
29 October
I find it difficult to write a "mini-biography" that gives an accurate picture of me. Either I sound too boring or not boring enough.

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"how postmodern and ironic!", 11o'clock in the library, aleksandr solzhenitsyn, allegorical fantasy, analysis of the psyche, animals, anime, apparantly looking like samara, archaeology, art, atheism, autumn, bats, beauty=?, being messy, berets, better than amethysts, birds, blackadder, blinking vacantly, blood, bohemianism, books, bravissimo, cats, chaos, classic british satire, classic rock, climbing trees, corsetry, cough syrup addiction, crouching tiger hidden dragon, cryptozoology, dipping toes into fandom, dire straits, doctor who, douglas adams, dragons, drawing, eccentricities and foibles, educated myth-conversion, egyptology, elves, environmentalism, etymology, fanfic, fantasy, felines, femmeslash, ferilons, fiction, fire, foppery, forests, fritz leiber, gender identities are weird, grand ambitions, green wing, hating skinny jeans, horror, illogic, imagination, inspiration, introspection, inventing regency debutantes, jostein gaarder, king crimson, lace, languages, led zeppelin, life, literature, local youth council, logic, lycanthropy, mixing tomboy and ladylike, moonlight, more than just this, mpienngneyr, musical eclecticism, musing, my lovely bizarre friends, mythology, nature, new worlds, nonconformity, not-gold lottie, obscure musical soundtracks, observation, old-fashioned costume, omg floreat kendricka lolz, omgbookgasm!!1, oriental food, ostricks, painting, philosophy, pink floyd, poetry, pretty hats, prog metal, prog rock, psychology, queen, queer rights, quenya, renaissance, robin jarvis, roleplaying, russia, sci fi, self-conscious ironic pretentiousness, shapeshifters, slash, slytherclaw, snow, sushi, sylvia plath, symphonic metal, talking about fish, terry pratchett, the arts, the dresden dolls, the moon, the night, the three apparel criteria, the unnamed set, theology, this sceptred isle, thylacines, tolkien, transvestism, twilight, twirly skirts, virginia woolf, walking, wings, winter, witty banter, wolves, wuthering heights